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Application Versions

The software can either be installed or run as a “portable” application. The installed version will suffice for the majority of people.

In terms of functionality, both versions are the same, but here’s a quick comparison:

  Installed Portable
Set Up Download the Setup.exe file, double-click it to execute, and OGCS will start. Download the Portable ZIP file and then extract the compressed files to a location of your choosing. Double-click the OutlookGoogleCalendarSync.exe executable file to start OGCS.
Application Location The local APPDATA folder for the user. Anywhere, possibly a USB drive.
Upgrading OGCS Simply accept the upgrade prompt when a newer version is detected. The newer ZIP file will need manually downloading, either to replace the existing location of OGCS, or a new location.
OS Permissions Required None. None.
Multiple versions Only one version at a time. Each extracted application is standalone, so multiple versions is fine. You may want this to experiment with different releases of OGCS.
Multiple configurations/settings Only one. Settings are specific to each extract of OGCS, by default.
Sync multiple calendars Not yet possible. Configure a calendar for each OGCS deployment.

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