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Quick Start Guide

How can I sync entries between Outlook and Google calendars?

  1. Visit the Outlook Google Calendar Sync website
  2. Download the Setup.exe file for latest stable or alpha release
  3. Double-click the downloaded file to install - it will automatically start the application afterwards
  4. The main “Outlook Google Calendar Sync” screen will appear
  5. Select the Settings tab
  6. On the Outlook sub-tab, select the mailbox store and calendar to be synced
  7. On the Google sub-tab, click Retrieve calendars and follow through the authorisation process
    7.1. Log in to Google with the account that owns the calendar you want to sync
    7.2. Click Allow when OGCS requests to manage your calendar
    7.3. Back in the application, select the calendar to sync
  8. On the Sync options sub-tab choose the direction of sync
    8.1. Set an Interval to schedule automated syncs
    8.2. Select the attributes to sync (eg the Description)
  9. Click Save
  10. On the Sync tab, click the Start Sync button